Creating Wall Candy at Buff & File Nail Bar

Downtown Portsmouth's Buff & File Nail Bar has a sleek look - all black and white decor. While the design choice was driven partially by the historic black and white checkerboard floor, the decision was also made to showcase the extensive wall of colorful nail polish choices and their bright pops of color. As Co-Founder and Creative Director of Buff & File, I designed the branding and the interior of the salon, and decided to enhance the space with oversize, styled photos some of our staff's best nail work. We teamed up with Mallory Parkington Photography for a photo collaboration and are absolutely thrilled with the results. After enlisting a few clients and staffers as hand models, our creative team curated some of their favorite nail designs, and our talented manicurists got to work. I hit the grocery store for some colorful props including citrus, candy, and ice cream, and the whole crew spent the morning at Mallory's studio on Congress Street. It was a morning of sticky, messy fun on set while creating beautiful images of stylish manicures. Below are some select photos - now displayed throughout the salon. 

Photos: Mallory Parkington Photography
Art Direction: Andree Van Oss
Manicures: Alex Sirois, Amanda Hill, Alliyie Schults, Moira Byrnes
Models: Sara Free, Erin Gordon, Kristin Norman